2012 Audi R8 facelift leaked image

Originally presented at the 2006 Paris Auto Show and with a design that it’s already five years old, even if it doesn’t look that old, the Audi R8 is close to getting a new “face” with the German automaker announcing its intention several times now to refresh the supercar’s design.

But while the Audi officials are keeping all the secrets to themselves, a new photo appeared on the internet and thanks to fourtitude.com now we have an idea of what the facelifted R8 will look like, and the first thing that catches our eye is the LED technology which seems to be all over the place, but the more aggressive design is easy to spot too.

The “new generation” of the R8 is rumored to bring smaller engines to its range, like the 2.5 or the 3.0 liter TFSI units, which don’t sound so good once the automaker has got us used with the V10, and it seems it won’t adopt the new 4.0 liter twin turbo.

According to fourtitude.com, the facelifted R8 will have the dual-clutch S-tronic transmission, which will replace the single clutch R-tronic, but no official details have been announced yet.

Maybe this photo didn’t “leak” and this is Audi’s way of saying that the facelifted R8 will make its way to the Frankfurt Motor Show next month.