After just a few months from the major release of Volkswagen Beetle on three continents, some of the tuners have got hold of it, giving a look that resembles a bit to the Porsche GT3 RS.

It is VWvortex who have turned this 2012 vehicle into Beetle RS project – Stage I, as they have named it.

Well, this is somewhat like a cosmetic project rather than calling it a performance upgrading project.

However, there is a specific reason of calling this project a cosmetic one, because the team of tuners could only get a chance to work on a preproduction autoshow car. Despite upgrading its turbocharged kit, the car will receive a hot look without any registration, airbags or plates. This car cannot be driven and so there is no need of finishing it and moving so far with pace.

Well, this is not just the reason; another reason also lies behind that says it is a rush-job. The tuners cannot simply take their own time. They just have 2.5 weeks time to finish their creation before Volkswagen releases vehicles to its dealers this week. In limited time they have to finish this job so that they could get an idea of how much the tuning world possesses potential and what they can do with this 2012 Volkswagen Beetle.

After grabbing the idea of GT3 RS Beetle, VWvortex looked after the 35 offset VMR710 20″ x 9″ wheels from Porsche, which were finished in orange and were covered in Continental ExtremeContact DW 245-35ZR20 tires.

Next step was of installing a set of H&R standard Golf/GTI 6 suspension in the 2012 Beetle. They have also fitted a Borla exhaust that assured no further alterations required except the slight extension which was needed since the Beetle was a bit longer at rear.





By Sunita Mandal



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