2012 Buick Verano gets noise reduction image

The General Motors engineers had some new goals with reducing the noise of the new Buick Verano, after they did the same thing with the forthcoming 2013 Malibu model.

With European engineers battling with CO2 emission and trying to get more power with less fuel consumption from new engines, the Americans are playing with noise reduction and their latest creation can make its way to major auto shows under the saying “Shh, the new Buick Verano is here”.

“By positioning the Verano against the very best, our noise and vibration team went above and beyond to deliver the quiet driving experience for which Buicks have become known. Quiet tuning components and systems are built into every facet of the Verano’s architecture”, said the Verano vehicle line director, Chuck Russell.

The Buick engineers have replicated the interior of the LaCrosse and the Verano has been modified starting from its body and finishing with its tires, to reduce noise and vibration.