Caterham have unveiled their first completely new car for 17 years. This is the new Caterham-Lola SP/300R, a prototype who was officially unveiled at the 2011 Autosport show in Birmingham, UK.

Created in partnership with another iconic British engineering brand, Lola Cars (the team who helped design Aston Martin’s LMP1 race cars), SP/300R will pack a Caterham-tuned, supercharged version of the Ford 2.0-litre Duratec engine producing 300bhp. The 1,300-pound racecar will develop a top speed of around 170 mph and will use a Hewland semi-automatic FTR gearbox.

This new prototype packs 500bhp per-tonne and is estimated to hit 62mph in just 2.5 seconds. Yes, as fast as that four-wheel-drive automotive behemoth.


Lola have taken responsibility for the chassis design. The company designed the prototype using an aluminium tub as its basic chassis, front splitter and large wing to reduce lift, and a flat underbody. Down force is applied through the use of a flat underbody, front splitter and large rear wing.
There’s a full set of safety gear too, including an FIA-approved roll cage, a six-point harness, fire extinguisher and electrical cut-off switches.


Caterham is planning to build just 25 cars a year, each wearing a price tag of £60,000 before taxes.


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