2012 Concept 17 Defender by A. Kahn Design previewed image

The British aftermarket specialists at A. Kahn Design have recently previewed their latest creation, a new styling kit for the Land Rover Defender, named the 2012 Concept 17 Defender.

A Kahn Design is mostly known for tuning larger SUVs but lately the company was quite busy developing just about everything you can imagine on the Range Rover Evoque and, after finally coming to its sense, the British tuner is going after an iconic model, the Land Rover Defender. According to the tuning company, the SUV in question has been named the 2012 Concept 17 Defender and it should hit the market over the following months.

“The neat, slim line frame of the 2012 Concept 17 Defender by A. Kahn Design set for release in the coming months ahead has created such a buzz that it made sense to escape the noise, and discuss just what is getting the industry talking”, as the tuner is saying in its official press release.

The 2012 Concept 17 Defender is getting a spare wheel cover, mud flaps or a bespoke paint job which can also be bullet proof as an optional feature and the Kahn 8×18 1983 RS Defender wheels, which will replace the stock ones. More details on the 2012 Concept 17 Defender will be announced over the following months.