G-POWER GmbH, the BMW tuning specialist on Wednesday said the company already works on a project based on the new 2011 BMW M5 F10.

it is here: The all new BMW M5 (F10) has already arrived at G-POWER!

Currently the engineers at G-POWER are busy developing this car and the first results from the engine department are very promising, the company said in an emailed statement.

Because the 53 additional horsepower for the new 4.4l V8 Bi-Turbo engine that add up to an output max of 560 hp are surely nice to have, but for the ones who know the products of G-POWER it is quite clear that this can be just the beginning.

The goal for the first stage of output enhancement for the G-POWER M5 (F 10) is expected to set 620 hp.

As soon as the development works have come to an end, the fans of G-POWER can look forward to one of the most spectacular BMW M5s for the season 2012. And that is just the beginning…


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