2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas price: $26,155 image

The 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas will go on sale next month at Honda dealerships nationwide, and with a starting price of $26,155, excluding a $750 destination fee.

To support growing consumer interest in alternative-fuel vehicles, American Honda is expanding its network of U.S. dealers which are qualified to sell and service the Civic Natural Gas to retail customers— expanding sales to 200 dealers in 38 states.

The new 2012 Civic Natural Gas is promoted as having a number of benefits compared to the conventional Civic – including the fact that natural gas costs typically around 30 per cent less than petrol. It also has extremely low smog-forming emissions and qualifies for state-issued decal – meaning that single occupant vehicles can have access to high occupancy car pool lanes in California and other states.

Under the hood, we find a modified version of the Civic’s 1.8-liter four-cylinder powerplant, which works with a standard five-speed automatic transmission, offering an EPA-rated fuel efficiency of 27 mpg city/ 38 mph highway/ 31 mpg combined.

According to the Japanese business magazine Nikkei, the decision to sell the natural gas Civic throughout the United States is in response to increased interest in green cars and fuel efficient cars.