2012 Lexus LF facelift going to Detroit image

The Japanese based automaker Lexus is planning to introduce the 2012 LF facelift at the upcoming Detroit Motor Show, which will officially open its gates in January, next year.

According to the automotive journalists at autoblog.com, Lexus is expected to bring minor changes to the exterior and interior designs, where a new front fascia and a new rear end will make their way onto the 2012 LF facelift. Autoblog.nl also said that the 5.7 liter V8 engine will most likely come with some tweaks in order to improve the average fuel consumption while offering the vehicle an extra boost and lowering the CO2 emissions. The cabin will also have some minor modifications and more substantial ones at the infotainment system which will be upgraded.

The 2012 restyled Lexus LF was actually dictated by its customers and adopted by the automaker, which managed to sell just 3.983 LX 570s in 2010, while the competition has sold 26.874 Cadillac Escalade SUVs and 19.943 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class models. Sadly this is all we know about the “new” Lexus LF, but the model will be officially presented in January 2012 at the Detroit Motor Show, when the Japanese based automaker is expected to release more details about it.