2012 Mazda3 prices announced image

Even if you’re not a fan of the Mazda 3, the model seems to be a good choice when buying a new car, offering some interesting features and bringing the original Japanese design to the market, all of this for a starting price of 15.200 USD for the 2012 model year version.

The “new” Mazda 3 is quite different from the 2011 version and according to the Japanese automaker the i SV, which is available in sedan form only, with the MZR 2.0 liter, four-cylinder engine, has been priced at $15.200 and it’s the entry-level version, while the Mazda 3 i Sport sedan will get 16.845 USD out of your pocket with some extra features like the five-speed Sport automatic transmission or the keyless entry.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, the Touring levels have been priced right after the Sport sedan, coming with the 2.0 liter, four-cylinder SkyActiv engine, which is delivering five percent more horsepower and 10 percent more torque, along with 21 percent lower fuel consumption than the MZR 2.0 liter unit, so this is the cheapest SkyActiv version of the Mazda 3 and it’s being offered at $18.450 for the Touring sedan while Touring hatchback starts at 18.950 USD.

Moving a little higher in the lineup and we find the Grand Touring with the SkyActiv 2.0 liter engine and leather upholstery, navigation system, heated front seats and Bose Centerpoint audio system for 22.300 USD for the Grand Touring sedan, while the Grand Touring hatch has been priced at $22.800.

The Mazda 3 s Touring sedan with its 21.300 USD price and the s Touring hatchback which costs $21.800 are next in the Japanese automaker’s lineup while the top-of-the-line can be considered the Mazdaspeed3 hot hatchback that’s coming back for 2012 and has been priced at 24.000 USD, coming with a single option, the Technology package, for $2.135.