2012 Mercedes B Class is coming – images and information’s image

We all know that Daimler is working on a new compact that will replace the actual B Class and also the A Class.

Joachim Schmidt, the marketing chief of Mercedes Benz has just told autonews that the 2012 B Class Range will have no less than four variants – an SUV version and an hatchback.
According to Schmidt, Daimler try to attract more younger customers that are not willing to pay more for the C Class or E Class.
According tot the German Magazine AutoBuild, the 2012 B-Class would feature more headroom and legroom plus a more comfortable entrance. Also independent suspension and a 7-speed DCT double clutch transmission on either two or all-wheel drive modes will be available on the 2012 B Class.


Of course, as we can see from the photos, to make things a little bit more interesting, as optional a wide sunroof up top and the Command System will make sure you’re all warm and cozy.

The next generation B-Class is set to launch next year as a 2012 model, with a US model expected a year or two later.

Talking about engines, the 2012 B Class will be powered most probabily by 3 CDI engines: B180 CDI 1.8l 109PS | B200 CDI 1.8l 136PS | B220 CDI 2.2l 170PS.
For those who love petrol mercedes will also prepare 3 variants: B180 CGI 1.6l 122PS | B200 CGI 1.6l 156PS | B220 CGI 2.0l 204PS


  • Enn Norak

    I welcome the demise of the dreaded CVT in favor of a conventional automatic transmission or a DSG automatic. I wish The "panoramic" sunroof were a stand-alone option as it is a deal-breaker for me. Mercedes is notorious for blackmail marketing where they force you to take a package with useless and/or undesirable options in order to get the one highly desirable item that they fail to offer as a stand-alone option. For a company that used to pride itself on the safety of its vehicles, I find it strange that they would offer a "panoramic" sunroof. How many glass slivers do I want in my body in the event of a roll-over?

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