These are the first official photos of the upcoming Mercedes C Class Coupe. Based on therefreshed C-Class that will bow at next week’s Detroit Show, the newcomer in Mercedes’ range features a sleeker and less complicated design than the larger and more expensive E-Class Coupe.


If the front and the back the new C Class coupe looks similar with the sedan model, but from the A-pillars and back, the Coupe gets its own unique styling with a more rakish roofline. At the interior everything is the same.


For the moment there are no technical informations about the new C Class Coupe. Please come back later for updates.


  1. It loooks like Mercedes have remembered how to style a stylish/masculine looking coupe at the lower end of their line-up.

    I've been fed up with the soft floaty lines of the latter-day CLK and new E-class coupe, but this looks great and much closer to the lines of CL (without the price).

    This looks ready to take on and beat the Audi A5 in the looks department. Let's hope the actual reviews when it's released match up…


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