2012 Mitsubishi I Miev price adjustment image

Due to unforeseen changes in market conditions, Mitsubishi has decided to make a pricing adjustment of $1135 to the 2012 Mitsubishi i 100% electric-powered vehicle.

The basic Mitsubishi i ES will cost now $21, 625*, while the premium-grade SE version of the electric vehicle will have a new net value price of $23,625*. However, despite the pricing increase, the 2012 I Miev is the most affordably-priced mass-market electric car available in the marketplace today.

The electric version replaces the “i” engine, transmission, and fuel tank with a 16-kilowatt-hour lithium ion battery pack, a 47-kilowatt motor producing 133 foot-pounds of torque, an inverter, and the car’s power electronics. We saw 81 mph as the governed top speed.

Measuring 3,395, the i is 143mm shorter than a Fiat Panda, yet has a wheelbase 251mm longer, which helps rear passenger room no end. However, the boot floor is high due to the engine underneath, and the narrow cabin means sitting three abreast isn’t possible.

The company begins taking orders of the i in spring 2011, with the first deliveries scheduled for January 2012.