Nissan is preparing a facelift for the actual version of the sporty GT-R. And we have images with the next GT-R!

From these photos, a modified front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lights is present. In total, the sleeker bodywork results in a coefficient of drag (Cd) that drops from 0.272 to 0.268. Also, downforce has been improved by 10 percent thanks to a new rear diffuser.

We also have a new color – the new blue, officially named Aurora Flare Blue Pearl. According to the GTRBlog, the updated black is officially (but again, tentatively) called Nebula Opal Black (color code GAG).
These two colors represent the only body color changes for the 2012 GT-R base and premium models.




  • Mike

    Not much to be said other than "Wow"…..

  • Steven

    me want! me want! What a car ! :)

  • Nichelle

    aurora flare blue pearl…great color name! What a car :)

  • bigboss

    that car is wicked!!!! nissan made one of the best cars ever

    • inautonews

      yup :)

  • old fart

    take a good look at this car,…my guess is nissan ain't gonna be makin' these much longer,…they are now down to selling 70 a month of these NATIONWIDE!,…THEY SIT LIKE TURDS IN THE SHOWROOMS,…POINT OF FACT IS NO-ONE IS BUYING THEM!,…sorry to say, nissan, but you done lost your supposed battle with your arch nemesis,…the porsche 911 turbo,…which even costing more money,…is selling better,…and,…oh,…by the way,…SHITS all over you now!

    • MURRAY

      Obviously OLDTIMERS is setting in…seek some help…I own a GTR and wouldn't trade it straight up for a 911 turbo…I guess NISSAN wouldn't be building a 2012 model if they didn't think they could sell it….kinda blows your theory out of the water!!!!!!!