2012 Nissan Murano prices announced image

Nissan has just announced the prices for its 2012 Murano and Murano CrossCabriolet, where the first one is 800 USD more than last year’s model, where the convertible is actually 1.840 USD cheaper than the 2011 version.


The “new” Murano can already be bought on the over-seas auto market and Nissan has priced it for $30.100 for the S FWD, which is the entry-level, with the all-wheel drive technology prices are going up to 31.700 USD, and the base Murano S is coming with a 7 inch monochrome screen as standard, but for an extra 800 dollars you can get the Platinum Edition, that comes with 20 inch alloy wheels, navigation system and Black Sapphire paint.

Murano S FWD $30,100
Murano SV FWD $33,670
Murano SL FWD $37,210
Murano LE FWD $39,110
Murano S AWD $31,700
Murano SV AWD $35,270
Murano SL AWD $38,810
Murano LE AWD $40,710

One of the worst looking convertibles out there, in our opinion, the CrossCabriolet Murano, is actually cheaper than 2011 version, so Nissan must have finally figured it out that there’s something wrong with it, like its exterior design, or simply “it’s ugly!”.


The convertible CUV is based on the top-of-the-line Murano LE and comes with the 3.5 liter V6 engine, delivering 265 horsepower, and with the all-wheel drive technology. The navigation system is available as an option and the drop-top gets only one trim level, starting at 45.350 USD.