2012 Toyota Camry excels in Consumer Reports’ Tests image

The new generation of the Toyota Camry excels in Consumer Reports’ tests, after the magazine has tested three different models.

According to Consumer Reports, three vehicles were tested, powered by a four-cylinder, a V6 and a hybrid engine, out of which the 2012 Toyota Camry was ranked the best in its class. The magazine says that the new generation of the Toyota Camry has a more responsive handling, a spacious interior, the ride has been improved, the fuel economy is more efficient and the increased road noise, along with some cheap details, are having the last word in its overall price. The 2012 Toyota Camry managed to overtake the new Volkswagen Passat too.

“VW has made the redesigned Passat surprisingly similar to the Camry, but with so-so results”, said the Consumer Reports’ Test Center director, David Champion.

Besides the new Toyota Camry and the 2012 Volkswagen Passat, Consumer Reports has also tested the Hyundai Sonata for best-in-class fuel consumption. The 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine, developing a total output of 173 horsepower, in the Sonata, is delivering 27 mpg (8.7l/100km) while the more powerful 3.5 liter V6 unit, with its 268 HP and 26 mpg (9.0l/100km) is actually beating most four-cylinder rivals.