2012 Toyota Camry facelift: first images image

Last week during Toyota’s annual dealer meeting in Las Vegas, the company’s CEO Akio Toyoda showed dealers the upcoming 2012 Toyota Camry. Until then, here are the first images showing the new 2012 Camry facelift.

Many details are not known, but as you can see the car’s exterior include a completely overhauled front fascia, with new headlights and nicer sidesills. Rumor has it the next Camry will maintain a similar exterior size and engine lineup.

Despite a rocky first half of the year for the Camry, with sales down 5% year-to-date, the Toyota midsize sedan is still the most-popular car in America. It’s the third best-selling vehicle so far for 2011.
Dimensions are approximately 4810MM *1825mm * 1470mm (L*W*H*).

From what we know, engines of 2012 Toyota Camry are expected to be the same as 7th generation Camry.

The 2.5-litre engine has also been designed to work in tandem with an electric motor and battery for service in the new Camry Hybrid.

This vehicle will retain its continuously variable transmission.
The car will be released in Fall 2011.


  • meanamerican

    does it come with radioactive paint?

    • JamieK

      Yes, since its coming from Kentucky….

      • Mike S

        But since it's coming from Kentucky, will it hold together? Wish all American-based facilities would operate with Japanese management! In that way, we would KNOW the quality would be very high. After speaking with a fellow who used to be at Toyota's Buffalo, WV engine plant, the early days — with total Japanese management — were exceptional. Eventually, when turned over to their American counterparts, moral went through the floor. Good 'ol American "Boss Hog Thuggery" ruins a good thing every time.

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  • Mike S

    When the 2011 Corolla debuted with its new front and rear fascias, the story went that Akio Toyoda wanted a more "familial" look among the range of passenger cars. That statement didn't make sense to me at the time, as any current Camry reminded me of my '09 Corolla in the looks department.

    But now that I've seen the cell phone video of the 2012 Camry introduction to its dealer network, the Corolla's new look does fall in line with the new Camry design. I feel the new Camry — at least from the photos I've seen (and not necessarily the one at the top of this page) — is a marked improvement over the 2011. Wish I could say the same for the '11 Corolla, but can't; the "first edition" of the 10th generation Corolla will always be best.

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