2012 Toyota Yaris: Official details released for Europe image

European auto market has got a reason to enjoy their time, especially those who are waiting for the Toyota Yaris to enter the red carpet.

We have already mentioned about the first two images published by the company on the Hungary Facebook page. The images have already attracted a lot of likes and attentions with the help of facebook.

Following that, the company has recently released the official details about the 2012 Toyota Yaris which is setting its schedule for the launce in the European market. Besides we believe that people in Europe will take this news sportily because the car will launch during this summer in Europe.

The Yaris has been launched with more improvements where already its development is made from an original concept that says ‘compact outside, spacious inside’; this is what the company has to say about its car.

Toyota has also added that the new Yaris shows the brand further improving the clever packaging that was a hallmark of its predecessors.

Further added that the 2012 Toyota Yaris will be introduced in a new affordable multimedia connectivity with the Toyota Touch & Go which is be available as standard equipment on almost every vehicles going on sales.

On other words, total 95 percent of vehicles on sales will get this option as standard. This system boasts a 6.1 inch display that has received a touch screen technology.

The new Toyota Yaris will be available in the European market as three different variants which include:
1. A 1.0 liter VVT-i
2. A 1.33 liter dual VVT-i gasoline units
3. And a 1.4 liter D-4D diesel

We expect that Toyota will keep similar look of the new Yaris when it enters to the stateside.


By Sunita Mandal