The new Beetle has been redesigned with added testosterone, according to Ulrich Hackenberg, VW board member responsible for R&D.

VW popped the old bubble roof and opted for a sleek rounded-off top. Designers swapped in a couple of fierce-looking LED headlights and stretched the car slightly to give it a “powerful appearance with muscular tension, ” the company said in a statement.

And for those who want to get the new Beetle we have a good news – the online Vw Beetle configurator is now available.

With more competition on the retro revival scene, we doubt the Beetle will conquer the masses as it previously did, but we could be proved wrong.

Sportier, more modern and at a competitive price with Mini in its sights, the 2012 Beetle could have an even wider appeal than the first cutesy revival did. In any case, see the Beetle configurator for all the options available.


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