2013 BMW X4 F26 coming in as three-door image

After announcing just a day ago that two new crossovers will debut in the nearby future, the the German based automaker BMW is planning to offer the X4 as a three-door version only.

According to the German publication autobild.de, the new model which is expected to enter BMW’s lineup sometimes next year, as a 2013 model year, will be offered exclusively as a three-door version only. The new BMW X4 will be based on the X3 and it will use its brother’s platform, but the body style and personality will be unique and it will have nothing in common with the X3.

Even if we don’t have some official details about the upcoming BMW X4, the new crossover is expected to share some design elements with the new 3-Series F30 sedan, like the front fascia with its new grille design. The fog lights seem to come from a Nissan Juke but, then again, this is just a sketch and it has been made by autobild.de to give us a glimpse of what the new model might look like.

The BMW X4 is expected to share the same engine range as the X3, which consists of four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel powerplants and just as its larger brother, the new crossover will be sold as an all-wheel drive model, but a rear-wheel drive version might also be available.

  • irv

    look very good in the front, but i need to see the back,and is it going to have dual exaust system