A 2013 Dodge Dart has recently joined the Belvidere, Illinois, police force, but the model won’t be used as a patrol car.

The Belvidere Police Department wanted to drive the 2013 Dodge Dart because the model is being built by the local community so it contacted the automaker and managed to commission this one-off Dart police car. The model in question won’t be used as a patrol car and it will go to ceremonies and non-patrol duties like the first official mission of escorting a convoy of five Chrysler vehicles to the local food pantry in order to donate 5000 cans of food for this year’s Thanksgiving.

The Belvidere Police Department will give Chrysler feedback on the Dart police car and the automaker will use this info in order to decided whether there is a market for Dodge Dart police cars. The 2013 Dodge Dart police car in question has been fitted with a light bar on its roof and the model is getting the red, blue and white lights in the crosshair grille and a search light mounted to the driver’s side A-pillar. In other news, the 2013 Dodge Dart isn’t recommended by Consumer Reports because the engine seems underpowered.


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