2013 Kia Rio SX gets Special Edition with manual transmission image

The Japanese based automaker Kia has recently announced its plans to launch a limited edition of the 2103 Rio SX with a manual transmission.

According to the car manufacturer, the decision to launch the 2013 Kia Rio SX special edition equipped with a manual transmission has been taken after some interested customers have asked for a manual gearbox in order to enjoy changing gears themselves and, with the carmaker not having one at the moment, the company has decided to develop it. The opportunity to choose the automatic version of the 2013 Kia Rio SX will come by default and the model will now be available with a six-speed manual gearbox too.

The special edition of the Rio SX with the manual transmission, just like all other special editions, is powered by the 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine, which is producing a total output of 138 horsepower. The Kia Rio SX will get the LED taillights, the 17-inch alloy wheels, the 7-inch touch screen, rearview camera, sport suspension, satellite radio, sporty cloth upholstery and much more. Only 500 units of the 2013 Kia Rio SX with manual transmission will be produced and prices for the model will start at 18,650 USD.