This year’s Super Bowl auto commercials are expected to attract even greater audience than last year.

The 2012 Super Bowl brought a record number of auto commercials viewers, 111 million people, taking into consideration that automakers spent more on commercials last year than during any other Super Bowl. In 2012, 12 automakers spent almost $95 million on 131/2 minutes of commercial time, which is more than one-quarter of the 47 minutes of total ad time. This year, as GM called a timeout, the spending is expected to be smaller.

Over the past eight years, GM has spent almost $100 million on Super Bowl ads, only Anheuser-Busch InBev and PepsiCo surpassing the automaker. This year’s commercial time will cost more, $8 million per minute, compared with around $7 million per minute in 2012.

Chrysler, which had a great success last year with its “It’s Halftime in America” commercial, plans to come with another long-form ad, similar to those featuring Clint Eastwood, Eminem and Berry Gordy. Fiat will most likely come with another representative sex-charged ad, while Lincoln will make its very first Super Bowl appearance.

Toyota’s ad will feature actress Kaley Cuoco, while Kia announced it will have two spots this year. Although there will be no supermodels in Kia’s ads, we cannot say the same thing for Mercedes’ commercials, taking into consideration that model Kate Upton appears in a teaser for the Mercedes CLA sedan.

Automakers rely on the Super Bowl ads as the audience is interested in the commercials as they are in the game. A recent study shows that last year the rate at which viewers ignore commercials was 0.7%, which means seven out of every 1,000 viewers.


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