2013 Toyota Crown has leaked in a brochure image

The first images of the new 2013 Toyota Crown have recently leaked over the web in a brochure revealing the company’s new creation for the premium segment.

At a first look, the 2013 Toyota Crown looks like it’s the result of some love making between the Lexus ES and the Audi A6, and it seems that the company will probably rival its own luxury division with this new model. The 2013 Toyota Crown is actually a model which will only make its presence felt on the local Japanese market and the vehicle is coming with some interesting features.

The 2013 Toyota Crown is getting a unique front fascia with a distinctive front grille, a sportier styling, some metallic accents and wood trim in the cabin, along with the leather upholstery, the infotainment system with two displays and the high quality materials. Unfortunately we don’t have any more details on the 2013 Toyota Crown but the model should be launched in Japan over the following months.

Source: Malaysia-motoring-news.com