2014 Beijing Motor Show: Honda Spirior Concept image

Honda’s newest creation, the Spirior Concept, has been officially presented to the public, in a world premiere, during the 2014th edition of the Beijing Motor Show.

The Japanese based automaker Honda couldn’t have missed out on the 2014 Beijing Motor Show and so the company has officially pulled the wraps off its latest creation, the so-called Spirior Concept. The model in question has been designed to preview a next generation of the model and it’s slightly conservative, having some aggressive styling tweaks, a mesh grille insert, a sporty front bumper, aerodynamic side skirts, LED headlights, some black accents and alloy wheels, amongst others.

“The all-new Spirior achieved significant advancements in exterior design, dynamic performance and technologies as well as safety features. With this individualistic and fun-to-drive model, Honda will strive to set a new benchmark in the sporty sedan category”, says the carmaker in its official press release.

Sadly this is all we’ve got on this Honda Spirior Concept for the moment and chances are the carmaker will release more details on it once it will become a production model. And speaking on the production version, this will be made towards the end of this year. You can check out the one-off Spirior in the few images posted below.