2014 BMW X5 gets tuned by Lumma Design image

The aftermarket specialists at Lumma Design have decided to preview their upgrade package for the new BMW X5 generation, which will add some interesting features to the model, making it more appealing to its future customers.

The new generation of the BMW X5, which is wearing the 2014 model year in its name, won’t go on sale until November, but that doesn’t stop Lumma Design from offering us a first preview into the popular model, which is now apparently named the CLR X 5 RS. According to the tuning company, the model in question will go on sale in March and it will get some interesting features on its body, and not only.

The CLR X 5 RS signed by Lumma Design has a wide body kit, made out of an aggressive front bumper, some extended wheel arches and revised side skirts. The model has also received a tailgate mounted spoiler, a ventilated hood, a new rear bumper for the four-tailpipe sports exhaust system and 23-inch alloy wheels. The interior design has received premium leather upholstery, Lumma floor mats, alloy pedals and carbon fiber trim. No performance modifications details have been announced yet so our guess is that the upgrades will limit to several HP more, thanks to the new exhaust system.