2014 BMW X5 will come with Pedestrian Airbag image

Due out in 2014, the new BMW X5 (codename: F15) will feature more flowing character lines and sculpted surfaces that will broaden the design of the X family.

At the front end, the new X5 will feature a more imposing kidney grille, larger and wider than in the current model. Weight reduction, as with other recent BMW models, will likely come through the use of high-tech steel, more aluminum, and smarter design.

The motoring options will include both petrol and diesel units, as well as the ActiveHybrid technology with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine.

In addition, the new X5 will feature an airbag for the pedestrians. In the first spy photo you’ll notice a white/gray material at the windshield base which resembles a deployed airbag. When the car is involved in a collision with a pedestrian, the hood raises up slightly and a U-shaped airbag emerges around the windshield to help cushion the blow.

While the shape of the airbag still enables the driver to see ahead, its position should serve to protect the pedestrian from serious head and neck injuries.

The technology is not new. Volvo already has this system installed on its new V40. According to Volvo, in Europe, 14 per cent of all traffic fatalities are pedestrians. The corresponding figure for the USA is 12 per cent and in China the proportion is over 25 per cent.

The new BMW X5 will be introduced in late 2013 as a 2014 model.