2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid officially unveiled image

The North American based automaker Ford has recently unveiled the 2014 C-Max Hybrid, which will actually go on sale this December.

The 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid is being placed into the spotlights for the first time, in an official manner, with the car being unveiled by its creators. The model in question represents an updated C-Max Hybrid which is adding some interesting features. Some of these features are the aerodynamic tweaks, which include the new A-pillar moldings, the improved hood seals, new tailgate deflectors, revised tire deflectors, low friction engine oil, software tweaks on the active grille shutter and climate control, revised gearing and more.

“Ford is absolutely committed to being a leader in the hybrid market and to top fuel efficiency across our lineup. We are taking actions with our popular C-MAX Hybrid so that customers are even more satisfied with the vehicle’s on-road fuel efficiency performance”, said Raj Nair, the group VP of global product development.

The updated 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid is believed to get the same powertrain under its body, with exactly the same figures, so if you were expecting a powerboost, you will be disappointed. The model in question hasn’t been rated just yet but the 2013 version was returning 43 mpg. The 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid will go on sale in December. More details on it will be announced close to its launch.