2014 Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Hyundai Intrado Concept image

If you follow us closely, you might have noticed that some of the automakers – Hyundai included – are starting to thoroughly explore the fuel cell system as an alternative to battery operated cars.

And, while in Europe in a limited release Hyundai already has a fuel cell model on the streets, the Korean automaker is further exploring the concept… through an interesting concept.

The Intrado is also the promoter of Peter Schreyer’s design direction, being the first Hyundai develop under his directions. Still, the new model is not a radical departure, but a further development of the fluidic sculpture design language – with an emphasize on aerodynamics and minimalism.

One of the key advantages of the fuel cell system over the conventional battery operated electric car is the ability to refuel almost like a gasoline/diesel car, and the Intrado holds enough juice to power the Li-ion 36 kWh battery for up to 373 miles (600 km). We are looking further at Hyundai to develop the next generation power system and see a big competition between fuel cell and battery electric cars.