The North American based automotive giant General Motors has recently unveiled the 2014 GMC Sierra Regular Cab, which is expected to go on sale over the following months.

After it was officially unveiled just a couple of months ago, in Crew Cab configuration, the 2014 GMC Sierra, along with its rebadged brother, the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado, will be eventually transformed into three cab sizes and thee bed lengths and the first Regular Cab has just been unveiled by General Motors, during a press release. The model is being shown testing in the wind tunnel.

“We can’t stop air; we can only guide it through the path of least resistance. It’s like electricity, without the shock. The biggest misconception is that it’s all about single components. But a certain side mirror design doesn’t create a certain amount of drag, its interaction with the rest of the vehicle does”, said the General Motors aerodynamic performance engineer, Diane Bloch.

The two-door version of the 2014 GMC Sierra, along with its future variant coming from Chevy, the 2014 Silverado, will become available for order across the company’s dealership network, in the United States, starting this summer. Additional details on the model remain unknown for the moment and will be announced close to its debut.


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