The Japanese based automaker Honda has recently released more information about the upcoming 2014 Accord PHEV, which will go on sale probably in early 2013.

According to the car manufacturer, the 2014 Honda Accord will use a four-cylinder i-VTEC engine, which will produce a total output of 137 horsepower (102 kW), along with an electric motor, which will generate 166 HP (124 kW). In Honda math, 137 plus 166 equals 196 HP, which is the total output developed by the hybrid powerplant, which will be helped by a 6.7 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

The company estimates that the 2014 Honda Accord PHEV can return over 100 MPG-e and this is mainly because the 2014 Honda Accord has been designed in order to use the electric motor at start up until this will be depleted, and then the petrol unit will begin its “operation”. Honda says that the battery of the 2014 Accord PHEV can be charged in less than three hours to full from a regular 120-volt household outlet, while from a 240-volt Level 2 charger it will take less than an hour to fully charge the battery.

The 2014 Honda Accord PHEV is based on the Touring trim level as the car manufacturer says and the model is getting a bespoke front bumper, an aluminum hood, 17-inch forged alloy wheels, LaneWatch blind-spot display, rearview camera and more, along with a Burnished Silver Metallic hue, available exclusively for this version.


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