2014 is the year of the car app revolution image

Just like applications available to smartphone users revolutionized the mobile communications segment a few years, ago, they now look set to conquer our cars.

Because of consumer demand and – mainly – by night time visions of fortunes from app-related purchases and revenues, automakers and major technical suppliers are moving up this year to break the barriers between smartphone app ease of use and the driver’s need to have the same level of info and entertainment at his disposal in the personal car.

“This year is a tipping point,” said Thilo Koslowski, a Gartner analyst who looks at in-car technology. “There has been a lot of talk about apps in cars, but from 2014 forward, the revolution really happens.”

“It is an absolute arms race to put smartphone technology into every car,” said Kanwalinder Singh, and executive at Qualcomm, which makes chips for smartphones and now, also cars. “Everything that has been showing up in smartphones is going to show up in cars.”

General Motors is bringing 4G LTE connectivity to many of its 2015 models, which would ease the future streaming of car available apps. Honda, Audi, Mercedes-Benz or BMW are among the automakers who already embed various applications from the start in their new cars.

And Apple Inc., maker of the world famous iPhone and iPad smartphone and tablet has moved on to the car technology through its new CarPlay, an infotainment system designed to mirror the one found on the smartphone – but deeply embedded into the car’s functionality.

Via Wall Street Journal