Chrysler said that production of its 2014 Jeep Cherokee might reach full capacity in September.

Currently, the Jeep Cherokee is manufactured at the Toledo plant in only one shift and production started on June 24th. The automaker begins to prepare a second shift to build the model, which replaces the Jeep Liberty.

“Within three weeks, we’ll be at full volume” for a single shift, said Zachary Leroux, manager of the Toledo Assembly Complex. “The plant is exactly where we anticipated it to be at this point in time.”

The 2014 Jeep Cherokee will hit the market in August and 500 units will be built per nine-hour shift, at full capacity, or 240,000 units annually. The Toledo plant currently manufactures 150 Cherokees per day, besides the Jeep Wrangler also built here, according to Leroux.

The US automaker will add 1,100 jobs for the second shift and made an investment of $550 million to get the plant ready for the new Cherokee. The model has the same basic underbody design and several components as the Dodge Dart sedan and the redesigned 2015 Chrysler 200, to be introduced in 2014. The new Cherokee will offer a fuel economy of 31 mpg highway, an improvement of 45% compared with the Liberty.

“I think the vehicle is absolutely gorgeous. … it is as fully capable as any Jeep, it has off-road capability and has all of our latest technology,” Leroux said. “It’s just as competitive as any vehicle in the market.”

Source:, Reuters


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