2014 Nissan NV200 Taxi is coming at New York Auto Show image

Today, Nissan will unveil the 2014 Nissan NV200 taxi, which the Japanese automaker has dubbed New York’s Taxi of Tomorrow.

That’s right. New York’s current fleet of roughly 13,200 yellow cabs, which ferry upwards of 600,000 people per day, will be phased out over the coming years and replaced with a fleet of NV200s.

Riding on a 115-inch wheelbase, the NV’s wheelbase is only about 5 inches shorter than that of the extended-length Crown Vic, but its overall length of 186 inches is a substantial 34 inches shorter than the old Ford sedan.

Notable differences of the new taxis include the use of a brighter yellow color, and the taxis will have low-annoyance horns, whatever that means. In addition to the low-annoyance horn, passengers will appreciate a charging station for their electronics, including one 12-volt outlet and a pair of USB ports.

The passenger compartment has seating for four, curtain airbags, a flat floor, and a glass roof so tourists can better gape at the New York City skyline.

There are floor lights, to help find anything that may have fallen to the floor, as well as overhead lights for reading. Luggage can go into the cargo space in the rear.

The taxi will be phased in from October 2013, and is expected to fully replace all other cab models by 2018.