2014 Range Rover gets updated by Overfinch image

The aftermarket specialists at Overfinch have recently unveiled their customized Range Rover, which has received some interesting updates.

The new generation of the Range Rover may have been officially unveiled just earlier this year but the model is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the help of the guys at Overfinch, who have created an upgrade package for the luxury SUV. According to the tuning company, the 2014 Rance Rover has received some interesting visual upgrades, which included the modified front bumper, the carbon fiber side sills, the different rear bumper, updated LED daytime running lights and some other interesting tweaks.

The 2014 Range Rover in question, signed by Overfinch, is also coming with exhaust tips built into the rear bumper, a roof spoiler, the Overfinch lettering on the hood and on the tailgate and a wide range of wheel designs which can be ordered in sizes up to 23 inches. The cabin of the model hasn’t been left unchanged either and this is now getting two types of seats, Mercury and Solitaire, along with numerous types of leather and wood veneers. It seems that no performance modifications have been made to the Range Rover in question. More details on the model, including its price, are limited for the moment.