2014 Range Rover leaked image

The next generation of the popular British crossover Range Rover, which is expected to hit the market in early 2013 has recently leaked.

The 2014 Range Rover is definitely one of the most important crossovers in the segment and thanks to the guys at with only minor tests to be made in between now and the time when it will hit the market in early 2013.

The fourth generation of the Range Rover is bringing some significant changes to the model and these won’t come cheap, with the starting price being expected to be set at 65,000 pounds, but this can even go up to 120,000 pounds depending on the options and engine choices. Our source is saying that the 2014 Range Rover will use a new lightweight platform, developed for the XJ by Jaguar, and this will help it save about 400 kg from the curb weight, but this won’t be the only Jaguar contribution and JLR is also expected to fit the model with the new generation of the V6 gasoline engine.

Besides these changes, the 2014 Range Rover might take a huge step ahead with a hybrid version of the vehicle, which is expected to use a V6 petrol burner and an electric motor in order to cut down CO2 emissions to just 150 g/km and also improve the fuel efficiency. The cabin will be fitted with leather on just about everything and the center console will be occupied by a large touch screen display. More details on the model will be announced close to its launch.