The future generation of the popular Range Rover has been recently spotted in China, with a lot of camouflage on its body, where the SUV is being tested.

The British based automaker Land Rover is getting ready to take on the Chinese automotive market with the new generation of the Range Rover and the popular SUV, which will probably wear the 2014 model year in its name, has been recently spied in the Asian country. For the images in the photo gallery posted below this article we must thank the guys at

The fourth generation of the Range Rover is expected to bring some significant changes to the model and all of these new features won’t come cheap, because the SUV is expected to have a starting price of 65,000 GBP, but this can even go up to 120,000 GBP, depending on the options and engine choices. The future Range Rover is rumored to use a new lightweight platform, which is developed for the XJ by Jaguar, and this should help save about 400 kg from its cub weight.

Besides the significant changes mentioned above, the future generation of the Range Rover might also bring a hybrid version of the vehicle, which is expected to use a V6 petrol burner and an electric motor, which will help cut down the emissions to just 150 g/km and improve the fuel efficiency. More details on the 2014 Range Rover will be announced later on.


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