2014 Roush Mustang officially unveiled image

The North American based aftermarket specialists at Roush have recently pulled the wraps off their latest creation, the 2014 Roush Mustang, which is almost ready to be ordered.

The Roush Mustang is one of the most interesting versions of the muscle car and now the 2014 model year is getting ready to hit the market. Roush has unveiled the 2014 Mustang which is coming with some interesting changes, and these should make the muscle car even more attractive to its future customers. The 2014 Roush Mustang can be yours from 31,545 USD, including the 795 USD destination charge. This is a great price considering what the Roush Mustang has to offer.

Well let’s start with the most important feature, which is the 5.0 liter V8 engine, which has been tuned in order to produce a total output of 574 HP. This isn’t a bad price for an almost 600-HP muscle car. The 2014 Roush Mustang is also coming with an upgraded suspension, which should be able to face the monster’s torque. This Stage 3 Kit can be ours for 17,000 USD, plus a 900 USD destination charge. Another popular choice is the Ford Racing Aluminator forged engine, which can be ordered from 8,250 USD. When this is offered in the Roush Phase 2 Pack, it can offer 625 HP or even 675 HP in the Phase 3 kit.