2014 Skoda Octavia to share engines with VW Golf 7 image

Volkswagen is planning to offer the same engine lineup on the new Skoda Octavia generation as the ones from the Golf 7.

The new generation of the Skoda Octavia will hit the market sometimes next year and its public debut is expected to be made at the Geneva Motor Show in March or at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but in an effort to keep down the production costs, the engine lineup from the model will be shared with the one from the new Volkswagen Golf 7. Besides the engine lineup, another thing shared by the new Skoda Octavia and the VW Golf 7 will be the MQB platform.

The Volkswagen Golf 7 will kick off with a pair of turbocharged petrol engines, a 1.2 liter with 85 BHP and a 1.4 liter with 138 BHP. Diesel lovers will be able to choose between two engines, a 1.6 liter with 103 BHP and a 2.0 liter with 148 BHP. The top of the line version, the GTI, will get a 165kW 2-liter TSI engine under its hood. VW is also planning to develop hybrid and electric versions of the new Golf and these might be adopted by the Octavia too.

Source: Car Scoop