2014 Sochi Winter Olympics: don’t go there by car image

Today the opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics, will take hold in Sochi, Russia. As many sports aficionados would dwell in the opportunity to go and see with their own eyes such an important event, we do have a recommendation – don’t do it by car.

Have you heard of the popular video-sharing platform YouTube? I’m sure you did, so you should also be acquainted with at leas one of the many videos that depict the apocalyptic scenery encountered on Russia’s roads. And even if you didn’t see the sheer number of such videos, which are often quite epic – because you’re not in them – you might want to remember this is an ex-communist country, with really, really bad roads.

You should also take into account the cyber security incidents reports, the warning of possible terrorist attacks and the fact that popular social media Twitter has been swelling with hilarious accounts of disastrous organization issues.

Also, traveling by car or public transportation in and around Sochi is something to consider. Car traffic is usually chaotic, according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), a nonprofit advocacy group based in Rockville, US. The organization provided a synopsis of road conditions in the Russian Federation, based on its country-specific Road Travel Report, to offer insight into its road safety culture – or actually the apparent lack of it.

As road crashes are very common in Russia and typical factors include: aggressive driving; speeding; many vehicles that are old and in poor condition; inadequate driver training and law enforcement; inadequate or non-existent road markings; and poor road conditions – annual crash deaths are around three times higher than France and five times those occurring in Sweden.

Via Forbes