2015 Audi A8 goes on sale in the United States image

Audi has recently announced the official price list of the 2015 A8 in the United States, where the cheapest version of the model has been priced from 77,400 USD.

The 2015 Audi A8 has recently went on sale across the United States and the model in question will arrive at the company’s dealerships later on this month. According to the car manufacturer, the 2015 Audi A8 is now available for order in the country from 77,400 USD for the base 3.0T entry-level version, but if the top of the line A8 L W12 is what you are looking for, than get ready to pay at least 137,900 USD.

If you have your eyes set on the 2015 Audi S8, you should know that this version costs 114,900 USD. Audi says that the updated A8 is now coming with a revised hood, with a new front bumper, with a modified grille flanked by the LED headlights, a new exhaust system, some revised interior trim and updated technology. The 4.0 liter TFSI V8 engine will be producing 435 HP (324 kW), 15 HP (11 kW) more than before, while the entry-level 3.0 TFSI and the 3.0L TDI V6 will be producing 310 HP (228 kW) and 258 HP (190 kW), respectively.