2015 BMW 2-Series starts at $32,100 image

The pricing guide for the 2015 BMW 2-Series Coupe has recently leaked out as the model in question will become available for order, in the United States, from 32, 100 USD, for the base entry-level version.

If you are looking into a 2015 BMW 2-Series Coupe you should know that the cheapest version of the model will set you back for at least 32,100 USD, in the United States. For the money, you will be able to order the 228i in the rear-wheel drive layout, which is coming with 240 HP. If the more powerful M235i is what you’re looking for, than get ready to pay at least 43,100 USD before being able to drive it home.

The all-wheel drive option will cost you 1,800 USD more than the standard RWD editions so for the 228xi you will have to pay 33,900 USD, while for the M235xi, with its 320 HP, you will have to withdraw 44,900 USD. Both prices exclude the 925 USD handling and delivery fee. The Track Package, available for the 228i and 228xi will set you back for another 2,200 USD for the regular models and for 1,600 USD with the M Sport and Sport Line editions. Keep in mind that these are the leaked prices and not the official ones.