Chevrolet has recently announced the official starting price of the 2015 Impala CNG, in the United States, where the model in question is available from 38, 210 USD.

Those of you looking into the 2015 Chevrolet Impala CNG will be glad to know that the model is now available for order from 38,210 USD, without the 825 USD destination charge. The North American based automaker has joined Honda in the CNG “game” after the Civic CNG has been launched.

“The Impala nameplate has recently seen market share growth, and critical acclaim for its design, functionality and low cost of ownership. Now, with the addition of bi-fuel capabilities it will also help customers reduce fuel costs and greenhouse gas emissions”, said the GM Fleet and Commercial U.S. vice president, Ed Peper.

Chevrolet says that the compressed natural gas tank has been mounted in the trunk and this is offering the equivalent of 7.8 gallons of gasoline, allowing 150 miles of travel in the city. The combined range stands at 500 miles, in the city, according to General Motors. Power is being provided by a 3.6 liter engine and the CNG fuel system has a 36,000 mile / three-year warranty. The bi-fuel Chevy Impala is assembled at the Oshawa plant, in Ontario.


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