2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty gets updated image

Ford has recently announced a series of updates for the 2015 F-Series Super Duty, which has gained more power and capability for the new model year.

The 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty can now tow a maximum of 12, 020 kg (26, 500 pounds) for the F-350, while the F-450 has a maximum towing capacity of 14,152 kg (31,200 pounds). According to the car company, the latter has a 2,948 kg (6,500 pounds) increase in its towing capability, thanks to several key changes, which include the stronger steering system, the beefier stabilizer bars, the upgraded shocks or the new rear leaf springs. Updated ABS is also found on this version, along with larger brakes.

“We’re the only manufacturer that develops and builds our own powertrains in this class and when you combine that with a chassis that’s purpose-built for best-in-class power and torque, you can feel the result in the way it drives, especially when towing big loads.” He went on to say “Our chassis people work in unison with our powertrain people to develop more than a great truck, it’s a machine engineered for work”, said Doug Scott, the Ford Truck group marketing manager.

Power to the 2015 Ford F-Series Super Duty is being provided by a 6.7 liter Power Stroke second-gen turbo diesel engine, which has received new injector tips, a larger turbocharger and some other tweaks. Thanks to these upgrades, the diesel burner can now produce an extra 40 HP (29 kW) and 81 Nm (60 lb-ft) of torque, to a total of 440 HP (328 kW) and 1,164 Nm (860 lb-ft) of torque.