2015 Ford Focus Cabrio rendered image

As usual, the next body version for the acclaimed third generation Focus should be the coupe-cabrio one. We have now a fresh render of the second generation that will implement a detachable hard-top.

The cabrio-coupe version of the Focus appeared last time roughly about two years after the initial release of the hatchback version so if Ford sticks to the same timetable its about time we should see the new iteration – especially since the other body versions are already in the wild. In the mean time, we have a render of what the model should look like.

The front design shouldn’t be notably different from what the hatch/estate/saloon exhibit, with most of the changes reserved to the back and – of course – roofline. We shouldn’t expect huge differences from the usual cabrio – four people on board with not much space to spare in the back.

What we should expect is an overall increase in the assembly quality, as the previous generation – assembled by Pininfarina – lacked the German overall quality we all came to expect in Focus models.