2015 Ford Mustang GT spied image

The future generation of the Ford Mustang GT, which will wear the 2015 model year in its name, has been recently spied on the roads, with no camouflage on its body.

Even if the next generation of the Ford Mustang should have gotten a revolutionary new design, based on the Ford Evos as recent rumors said, the North American based automaker is apparently struck by a financial crisis, because the upcoming muscle car seems to be more like a facelift than a future generation. For the images posted below, we must thank the guys at autoblog.it, and even if we don’t have a photo with the front fascia, our source is saying that there are no changes compared to the current Mustang GT.

As a quick reminder, the 2015 Ford Mustang is expected to hit the market in 2014 and initial rumors were saying that the muscle car will be based on the Ford Evos concept, which was officially presented to the public last year in September, during the Frankfurt Motor Show. The Ford Evos concept was a plug-in hybrid with a 2.0 liter petrol engine and an electric motor, which allowed the model to travel up to 500 miles on a single “tank”. The Ford Evos Concept is 4.5 meters long and 1,97 meters wide.

  • lol

    dumbest article ever. everything is changing suspension and body and engines. the current body their using is a shell so public doesnt see new body.

    • https://www.facebook.com/DJ.Blitz Leali Delalic

      this is just the next year model whats underneath only ford knows and these idiots should know any car company will use decoy tactics so we dont know whats cooking. who gave them website to run lol.

  • scalazormo

    Is this actually a car news site! You guys should just shut down if you think this is the 2015 mustang. It's a 2013 body made to fit the 2015 suspention system. Autonews??? Really. Get your facts before you post crap.

    • Muse

      This is actually the new Fiesta RS test mule….Autonews just got its facts mixed up. :-)

  • Anon

    Dumbest crap I've ever read!!!