2015 Ford Mustang is virtually ours – in the Need For Speed franchise image

If you just can’t wait until you grab the wheel of the just released all-new Mustang, you should know that it’s up for grabs, in a virtual manner though, in the Need For Speed Rivals video game.

Ford and Electronic Arts released the digital version of the vehicle for the game on Friday. The all-new Mustang doesn’t go on sale until the spring, so gamers will have a head start in getting acquainted with this highly anticipated muscle car. A free download allows players of the popular video game “Need for Speed Rivals” to add the newly redesigned Mustang.

The download is available when users go online through their gaming console. “Need For Speed Rivals” itself is new, having just launched worldwide on Nov. 16 for Playstation, Xbox and PC. It is the 20th version of the “Need for Speed” video game, the most popular racing franchise of all time, which dates back to 1994. The Ford Mustang has been featured in it since inception, albeit only as a cop car at first.

While driving the 2015 Ford Mustang in the game isn’t a proxy for a real test drive, “Need for Speed Rivals” does offer an exciting experience, thanks to amazing graphics that look almost cinematic and authentic driving dynamics that make cars pitch, roll and dive during high-speed maneuvers, much like they would in the real world.

“It’s almost an exact one-to-one of what you would see if that was the real thing sitting here next to you today,” says Kevin O’Leary, senior production manager at EA. “So those kinds of things are very authentic. You’re going to hear the audio, which is recorded from the cars as well, in a variety of scenarios.”

One of the hideouts in the game is branded by Ford, with logos and a billboard advertising the Mustang. Ford also incorporated a customized 2014 Mustang exactly like the one featured prominently in the upcoming “Need for Speed” movie, which hits theaters in March.

Via Forbes