2015 Geneva Motor Show LIVE: 2015 BMW M4 Coupe MotoGP image

The 2015 season of the MotoGP will feature as a safety car the upgraded BMW M4 Coupe, which also made its official public debut during the 2015 edition of the Geneva motor show.

The M4 will be back for another season after last year’s but the German automaker has opted to tweak the model for added performance and panache. There’s a newly developed water injection system that M division engineer brag it can both lift performance and reduce fuel consumption. “The BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car allows BMW M Division to underline its innovative prowess and to follow the brand’s philosophy of bringing motorsport technology to the streets. At the same time, the model also offers a clear perspective of an M car that will set a new benchmark in terms of performance, exclusivity and individuality,” reads the M division statement. There’s a new water injection system that reduces the engine’s tendency to knock – putting the point of ignition closer to its optimum value. The consequences are both a more effective combustion process and a lower combustion temperature – delivering improved power and torque.

The M4 stores its necessary water in a frost-proof five-liter tank sitting in the trunk that also houses the water pump, sensors and electronically actuated valves. According to the BMW M unit, the tank should be replenished every time before the driver embarks on any “rigorous action out on the racetrack” – though normal driving on the public roads would only call for a water refill every five other gasoline refuel procedures. The company added that the newly developed water injection system was conceived from the start with production models in mind, meaning we won’t have to wait long before one reaches the official range.