While you might have never heard of the nanoFlowcell company unless you were a big fan of Geneva motor show exotic appearances, the truth is the small automaker has not one – the recently mentioned Quant F – model on stage, but actually two.

The second concept that debuted during the 2015 edition of the Geneva motor show is called the QUANTiNO and highlights a compact electric vehicle that only spans 3.91 meters and features a 2+2 interior. The sporty appearance by the rakish design is supported by the huge 22-inch alloy wheels. “With the QUANTiNO we present the smaller brother of the QUANT E and the QUANT F in Geneva. An innovative electric vehicle with mass appeal. Sporty, dynamic, and above all with a low-voltage drive system. With a rated voltage of only 48 V we achieve four times 25 kW, corresponding to around 136 hp, through a combination of nanoFlowcell, buffer system and electric motors. This set-up provides us with a top speed of over 200 kilometers an hour in all-electric mode and a range of over 1,000 kilometers, without any harmful emissions,” comments Nunzio La Vecchia, Chief Technical Officer at nanoFlowcell AG.

Billed as an electric vehicle designed for everyone, the concept might soon see the light of day, with a production version scheduled to appear sometimes this year. The QANTiNO, if it becomes a viable reality, might stir things up in the electric community, with the creators boasting it can achieve a range of over 1,000 km through a combination of a low-voltage system and the company’s trademarked nanoFlowcell system. The concept employs two 175-litre tanks which carry 350 liters of ionic liquid, one delivering a positive charge and the other a negative one – the refueling process is billed as similar to the traditional one, though you do have to fill in two tanks at once, each with its own particular fluid.



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