The Pininfarina Sergio has been finished in an appealing yellow shade for the 2015th edition of the Geneva Motor Show.

The Pininfarina Sergio can be named just about anything but brand new as the model in question has been originally unveiled a couple of years ago but, even so, this is still attracting quite a crowd at automotive events so its presence at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show is somehow justifiable. However, instead of bringing the same old yellow finished version, Pininfarina has chosen to add the one pictured below, with a yellow shade, at the Swiss automotive event, and the result was a large crowd gathered around it who seems to have forgotten that this is an old model.

The Pininfarina Sergio has been made by Ferrari in just 6 units and all of them have been sold out. The model in question has been pre-sold to some customers selected by the Maranello based automaker from Europe, Asia and the United States and despite the company hasn’t announced any pricing details, chances are these have stood in the 7-figure zone. The Pininfarina Sergio has been based on the Ferrari 458 Spider and it is powered by the same 4.5 liter V8 engine, which is capable of producing a total output of 562 HP. The unit is connected to a 7-speed dual clutch transmission, sending power to the rear wheels. As a production version, the Sergio has received a windscreen, unlike the concept car which has missed on it.


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