2015 Geneva Motor Show LIVE: Rinspeed Budii concept image

Just as is customary with every Geneva auto show, the guys at Rinspeed have come up with their latest concept, making its official public debut during the 2015 edition after it was presented online a few months back.

The model is based on BMW’s highly technological i3 electric city model, enhanced with typical Rinspeed flair and also trying to preview the future of self-driving electric city cars. Representing the Swiss company’s vision about 21st century transportation, the concept features a movable robotic arm to bring up the steering wheel – even in the autonomous era people will most likely want to drive their cars from time to time. While in the autonomous usage scenario, the seven-axis robotic arm is located in the middle and can become the “attentive personal valet” or even a table. A next generation concept needs a next generation infotainment system, developed in this instance by Harman – it has advanced software that can identify and retain the preferences and habits of the driver, reducing the operating steps and transforming the Budii into a “learning and proactive companion.

The model has been heavily inspired by the BMW i3, but as a final touch it also features a couple of two-wheel electric “mini vehicles” sitting in the back in retractable automatic drawers. The exterior has 19-inch Borbet eight double-spoke alloy rims and an air suspension that can be modified on a 100 mm wide range. The autonomous part will be given away by the rooftop “TrackView” – a telescoping laser scanner that can give a 3D perspective and uses a high-resolution camera to map the terrain in front of the vehicle.